About Me

About Me

Jakob A Kattner


Yes, I am the creator of the dndgaming website and owner of kattner games. You have come to the right place. Am I anything special? No, I am just a regular guy just like you who is working hard to make a living.

Before I started writing articles about various topics, I worked in a warehouse making sure orders got sent out in a timely manner. Was I in an office? Heck no. I was the guy lifting 70 pound boxes all day. Yes, the skinny one got picked for the hard jobs while the fit guys did the easy work majority of the time.

I guess the bosses either really liked me or the other way around. Beyond me what goes on the minds of supervisors and managers other than they are trying to keep their jobs so they can pay the mortgage.

I Am Able To Help

Anyway, you probably want to know what makes me so special that I can write about The Legend of Zelda series. I am not the guru of zelda, but I have played it for many years to the point of playing some of the games backwards. I even know the cheat codes for some of the games as well. Other than that, I am just another guy who is constantly learning new things about the game every day.

Will I be posting every day? I would love to do that, but it will most likely not be for tips as most people already have screenshots and tons of handbooks for the series via the internet. I will however give you suggestions on how to make the game experience more personal by giving reviews about costumes and other fan related items that may be available on the open market.

If you do, however, need help with a game, I will be more than glad to answer your questions on this website or at the kattner games site. Just be sure to leave comment either below or on one of my other pages for assistance.

And yes, I can pretty much eat Skyward Sword for breakfast – except the final bad guy.

Your Fellow Zelda Fan

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