Windwaker HD Game Play With New Features

New Windwaker Has Arrived

There is a new Zelda game on the block. It is basically a remake of the original Zelda Windwaker game. I don’t care what anybody says, this windwaker hd release still looks like it is for little kids, high definition or not. I mean sure it has cartoon violence, but it is just too cartoon like. It looks like Fairly Oddparents in 3d with swords. No offense.

The positive part of the game is it does have some pretty good glowing effects as well as some nice shadows to the characters. The downside is if you do not have a wii u good luck attempting to play the game. Wii U customers only. For those without a wii u, you may have to stick with the original Windwaker game made for the game cube.

I will hand it to you though. There is one part on the Zelda website that shows a special effect where the clouds go dark when you pick Ganondorf.

There is still sailing in the game, the famous master sword, and various others characters you may already be familiar with.

I did want to mention also that there is one monster that looks like it came off of Twilight Princess. The name of the enemy is Gohdan and it is a boss. It is that lame monster that just shoots out fireballs all day and smacks you around with its hands. Pretty easy to defeat with your arrows and a bomb.

First Person Capability

So here is another upside to the game. You can use your touchscreen on your gamepad to move items around with much more ease. Another cool feature I noticed is you can move around in the first person. For someone who has played minecraft and other games that switch between third and first person with ease, I think that would be very useful in really tight spots especially if the camera is acting peculiar.

Hero Mode Activate

It has a few other new features available, but one I really want to point out is the hero mode. I am big fan of taking on a challenge myself. If a game does not have a hard mode, it is not worth playing in my opinion. Zelda players are tough and have been around since the 1980’s when the game was barely putting itself into the open market. If you are Zelda player, you know what it means to be a true hero and a noble player. You must take on tasks that may seem impossible and sacrifice your time to get it completed.

It may be a remake, but it is worth giving a try.

Multiplayer Zelda Would Be Great

Also I do wish they would come out with another zelda game that is fresh, new, and gives you the option to play as Zelda and not just Link. Maybe have coop version of it. Some Zelda fans may not like that idea though.

I have a friend that told me that would not be acceptable in Mario or Zelda. You know what? They did make a multiplayer version of Mario in part 1, part 2, and part 3. They even did in Super Mario World.

Just because a game goes 3d does not mean multiplayer has to be shot out the window. Minecraft and Dungeon Defenders are multiplayer games. Why not Zelda? No, I am not including Four Swords. When I say multiplayer, I mean stop spending all day saving the princess and have her join in on the action for once.

Get The New Windwaker

Anyway, if you crave to play the next big Zelda game out there (well probably not big, but it is a new version), feel free to check out the below items from Amazon, a wii u combo containing the hd version of Windwaker. If you are unable to get that for whatever reason (cost or you just don’t want a wii u), I put a link for buying the original Windwaker game as well.

Zelda Combo

Already have a wii u, order the product by itself.

Original Wind Waker for Game Cube. Nothing beats the classics.

If you need any assistance with the game or anything else relating Zelda, let me know in the comments section below.

Your Fellow Zelda Fan


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