Zelda Twilight Princess Walk through – First Time In Twilight

Continuing Where We Left Off

In today’s twilight princess lesson, I am going to take you from where we left off last time up until the twilight portion. I really want to focus more on getting the twilight area than on the boring beginning portion of the game, so I will just talking about that part briefly. If you want more info on the earlier portions, just let me know.

Basically, we left off with getting your slingshot for the very first time from the shopkeeper. Equip your slingshot and head back to your house outside of the town. Get rid of the skulltula (or spider) using your slingshot and then open the chest in your home. You now have a wooden sword. Unfortunately, you will be giving that away to the boy later on.

Go through your practice rounds with the kids. This will help you improve your attacking skills using the gamepad. In other words, you will know what you are doing with the sword as well as get better at aiming with your slingshot. Pretty to aim with a slingshot. You want the target in between the gap in your slingshot. Sometimes it helps to bring the slingshot slightly lower in positioning – especially for items far away. I do a similar technique with the bow without the need to Z-target (or L-target).

Seeking The Monkey and The Kid

From this point, you are going to the monkey area. Which can be a pain at first. It isn’t the monkey spot where they are trapped in cages that is hard. It is getting there. Before going through the cave that you will encounter in your journey to your objective, I recommend getting a lamp first. It will just make things a lot easier. Yes, you will need your horse for one part on your way to the cave.

Once outside the other end of the cave, you will see two red dots. You will want to the head for the one on the right first since that is where the key is at. You will need that key for the gate that is at the red dot on the left side of the map. To get the big chest though, you will need to light both unlit torches that on the sides of the smaller chest in the cave that is suppose to have the key. This big chest has a heart piece in it.

Fighting Tip

A little tip for those taking damage from enemies, this technique is useful even without special training from the big skeleton dude. Use your roll when an enemy is about to hit and roll up behind the guy. While he is still attacking your previous spot, hitting him from behind.

Once you have defeated the foes that captured the monkey and the little kid, you will want to use your wooden sword to break apart the cage to free them. Yes, it is that simple. I didn’t grasp myself at first, but my son pointed it out to me awhile back and felt kind of awkward that I could not figure out something as simple as breaking a cage apart with my weapon. You will find a similar concept in Skyward Sword where you have to break wooden boards in order to free your bird.

After you go through a welcome back to the town and stuff, Link’s girlfriend will take his horse away because she is upset at him for hurting him during some riding practices. I call Ilia his girlfriend because they make googoo eyes at each other act like a girlfriend and boyfriend couple. They complain at each other and then make up later on.

Time To Go To Twilight

This is where the game begins to finally get good. You will need to go to the pond to retrieve your horse from Ilia. Just look out for the googoo eyes that she gives Link. Oh I forgot to mention that the gate is closed to the pond. The only way around it is through a small hole near the right side of a tree. In the hole you will see a green rupee.

After a discussion with the girl, it begins a nice cinematic feature where Link finally goes into the twilight. At this point, he turns into a wolf and dragged into a prison cell. If you struggle for awhile on the chain, a little floating female creature will pop up and break Link’s chain. Now, is the time to attack her. No, just kidding. You will need to find a hole to dig your way out to the other side of the jail cell. Just a hint, smash the box in the way of the hole with a B attack.

Now when you are wandering around aimlessly in the underground tunnels of the castle (yes, this is below a castle), make sure you pull chains with your teeth. You can z-target them to reach them. The chains will be above you. These are useful for opening up doors as well as for raising and lowering the water levels. You will encounter your first one in one of the neighboring cells.

Now, one of the questions you may be asking is “Do have to talk to the spirits?” The answer is no. They are entertaining to listen to though.

If you ever get lost, you can always ask your new friend what you need to do next. Sometimes she helps other times she does not.

Finding Your Way To The Exit

Just keep pulling chains until you find one that raises the water up. We need to be able to swim over the spikes. I will give you a hint. It is the chain near a large door that can not be opened by normal means.

The objective here is to get to that large circle on your map. There is another chain near a large door. Pull it to lower the water back down. The water needs to be decreased so that you can get around the large gate. There is a small hole on the right wall near the gate that you will need to crawl through.

On the other side, you will finally reach the inside of a tower. You will need to climb up the steps, but it will be pretty much impossible since they are broken in various spots. No worries, Midna will be there to help you every step of the way. Talk to her to get her whole assistance thing started. Target her first and then jump at the same time. Some spots may require you to keep hitting jump rapidly while targeting at the same time. The key is to not hesitate when jumping or you will fail getting to the top. In some spots you may be required to walk across some sections of rope.

Heading To Zelda’s Tower

So now we have to go to yet another tower after exiting the previous one. This is pretty easy. Just follow the map. There will be a lot of jumping in this area as well. So you will get to a spot that will seem like a dead end. Just push a box with your R button (for the game cube) toward the wooden wall, so you can climb up it. If the flying beasts are bugging you, wait until they come down first and then attempt to attack them. Otherwise you can try to ignore them. Just remember though that they will follow you and bother you every step of the way. Make sure you do not attack them in narrow spots with ledges or you will risk falling off and will be required to start all over.

On the roof part, I recommend ignoring them as they may knock you off and you will have to start over. Just run past the two creatures and head straight for the opening into the next tower. Congratulations! You have finally made it to Princess Zelda! After this point and exiting the tower later, you will finally be able to get out of the twilight. Thanks to good old Midna. Is Midna gone for good? Nope. She is a shadow that keeps following Link around the majority of the time in the game. Sorry to disappoint you.

If you ever need assistance with anything I just covered, please let me know in a comment below or send me a message on Facebook or google plus. I look for to helping you out on future posts relating to Twilight Princess.

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