Loss of Interest In Zelda – People Please Return

Zelda Fans Are Dropping

I am having trouble discussing Zelda. I mean there is tons of information to discuss, but according to what other  a few people are talking about at reddit, they seem to be losing interest in the game due to issues with the wii controller and probably for other factors as well. I personally have not given up on it.

For the moment, it seems that the windwaker is the only answer to their prayers because they like the wii u setup for some reason. I have not really purchased the wii u myself because of my current financial situation. At my current rate, I would be lucky if I am able to get food in the near future.

Games and Consoles Can Be Costly

It does sound appealing and I would love to give it a shot if I could. In my opinion, getting a game console can dig a hole through your pocket. Probably good for those with no wife/husband and kids (the single non-family type).

I am not saying that I have not played Zelda with my kids. They love the game! But every time I purchased a game or console when I was in Ohio, I found us not having a proper nutrition for a week or two. Sure the rich people have got it made and maybe also those who work three jobs so they can make sure the kids are having fun with them for 20 minutes a week.

You got to understand where I am coming from though at present. At that time I had a low-income job, but now I have no job at all and am still in Mexico with no possible way out.

There is nothing wrong with playing games in a family setting. Just make sure your family is being taken care financially first and with the things they really need. A need would be defined as food, hygiene, sleep, sufficient shelter and a good education (for both you and the family). Once all needs are fulfilled, then you can focus on the wants such as saving up for that big screen television or getting that new game that just came out.

So having put all that important information out on the table, I will go ahead and continue discussing the new hype of the windwaker. I wish to apologize if I am offending anyone, I am just stating my own opinion. Also, some of the information presented in this post concerning nintendo or the wii is not actual information that has factual proof behind it other than rumors and conversations that I have heard on reddit and maybe through the google search engine.

People Like The Wii U

People just like it because it is easier to interact with – kind of like super nintendo and nintendo 64. Apparently, some people are having trouble with the calibration settings for the wii. I, on the other hand, do not have any difficulties with it, but then again that is just me. I can presume the calibration problem could be why they came up with the wii u. I do not really know.

As of pertaining to the fun involved in that game… well, I will give windwaker a shot eventually and let people know fully what I think of it.

I personally do not have a problem with Twilight Princess or Skyward Sword (although skyward sword does feel kind of long and drawn out sometimes). As of pertaining to those who dislike twilight princess on the wii, play it on the game cube instead. Problem solved.

I know this a pretty short post for me, but I said what I had to say. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to leave one below or contact me on google plus.

Your Fellow Zelda Fan


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