Zelda Twilight Princess Walk through – Beginning of Game

Words of Encouragement

Ok, so you want some Zelda Twilight Princess help. I will do just that. I will take you from your baby stage to your grand hero stage. How fast you get through it is all up to you. Will I cover every single thing in one post? I highly doubt it. You will just have to keep coming back here for more information. Follow me as I go along.

You are probably wondering why. Well, the game is huge. Plus, to do this I will have to do it the Jakob style. I like to play the game while typing my post at the same time. Ya sure, I could do it off the top of my head, but how accurate will I be doing it that way.

So basically, when you are suffering in the game, I will be too. When you lose a heart, I will lose a heart. When a monster kicks your butt, he will kick mine too.

The message is we are in this together and I want to guide you very small bit of the way. Not have some brief piece of junk of a summary or some menu with one million categories to choose from at the top of website where you just plain get frustrated and tell yourself, “I just want to know how to play the game or just to even start it!” I feel your pain and frustration. I have been there. I have browsed all sorts of sites for information and spent tons of hours just for one flippin’ answer. Ridiculous isn’t it?

Drop your google searching and menu selected and stick with me all the way. From now on, you will see me put full focus into Twilight Princess and nothing else.

We Are In This Together

Is this some lame take my money gimmick? No. I want to help you as a fellow player. If you see ad’s from me and just want to learn, just ignore them and keep reading through my posts. My words are more important than some advertisement.

I am not dogging that stuff. Google is a great company, but your increase of knowledge and experience is more important in this whole process.

So enough talking about a pointless conversation about money, ad’s and other useless crap that does not apply to you. You came here to learn and be the master of Twilight Princess and nothing else. Am I right? Ok, so now that we got all that out of the way, let us begin your journey starting at the baby-steps level.

Gamecube or Wii

So the question of the day is… Are you using a Gamecube or a Wii? I have played both versions, but, as people have heard me say before, I left a lot of my stuff behind when I left Ohio to go to Mexico. So this is a very important question as I am only able to teach you the gamecube version if you are concerned about buttons.

If the buttons are irrelevant and you are just concerned about the game itself, then read on. It does not matter which version you play if you do not care about the buttons being pushed. The story line and enemies are the same for both versions.

Game Introduction

So here we are. The game has started up with our usual warning message. You are going to wait for a bit and get to your usual Zelda riding on a horse scene. Just press start. If it does not take it the first or second time, keep pressing start or sometimes A works.

Next step, create a quest in your quest log. Pretty simple stuff at this point. You can accept the traditional Link name or type in your own. I put Jakob as usual. I like to call my horse Zanthus, but if you like to use Epona that is fine too. Here is a tip for those who did not know this. If you click the b button after the name field is cleared, it will send you back to the quest log.

So now you will be forced to endure another long movie with lots of prompts. Ya, the uncle seems to talk too much. Just bare with it for a bit. He seems to be talking about delivering something. You can see a lot of love in those perty eyes of his too.

Wow, he sure talks a lot. Just skip through his long drama with the A button. Yes, there is a lot of drama in the game. But, I tell you Skyward Sword has more drama than this one. It is all good though. At least it helps us know what is going on.

Now after there nice uncle and nephew walk, the game starts…. or not. Ok, so now some girl who thought was link’s girlfriend takes off with his horse without Link’s permission. What a jerk.

Get Your Horse

After a nice good sleep, it is now time to go herd some goats. So we now must head to the tiny village… I mean town. Be sure to take a look at your mini-map on the left side of the screen to keep from getting lost. The yellow triangle represents your character. The blue triangle is where you came from.

Think I was going the wrong way too. The man told me I needed to get the horse first. If you started heading for town, then forget about what I said. My bad. Hang to the right. On your map it will like like your are heading north.

Feel free to practice rolling around in the field using the A button or picking up rocks using the A button. You can throw rock by running and press A with the rock in hand.

On your map, head up to the blue spot that represents a small pond. That is where Epona is and Link’s secret girlfriend. Shhhh. Don’t tell anybody – especially Zelda. Ya, you can tell something must be going on between both of them based on how they look at each other.

To call Epona, you have to pick up some brown leaf or whatever it is and he or she (use your imagination) will come to you. Look if you want to imagine the horse as either a girl or a boy, that is all good. You named the horse, so why not imagine what gender you want it to be.

To get on the horse just press A. Wow, it seems most of the solutions to your problems seem to be with using the A button. Ok, so starting riding your horsey back to town. Ya, he is your best buddy. Companions for life. Feel the wind blow through your hair as you ride him. Kind of like having your own awesome car. If you are lost, just head back toward your blue triangle. In the area where your house is at (yes that treehouse is yours yet once again), head through the open gates.

After watching yet another movie, you will have to deal with people constantly staring at you because it is odd seeing someone ride a horse through their neighborhood. They already think seeing Link is weird as it is.

If you just so happen to pass your Uncle practicing his sword techniques, go ahead and talk to him and you will learn about that his son is attempting to make a fishing rod that probably is not the best of its kind. You will learn this later on.

Rounding Up The Goats

Anyway, next step is to round up some beasties. Head up through the fence that a wooden horns on the top. As you enter, you will hear music that sounds like it came from the game Quest for Glory. I am not sure which part of the game, but I think it was close to the beginning of Quest for Glory. It has been awhile.

If he asks you to round up his little buddies, just say no. Hehe. Just kidding. I do do that sometimes though. Say yes. So to round the goats up, just walk behind them and move slowly. If you go to fast, you may accidentally hit them from the side and they will go the wrong direction. The goal is to get them into the barn doorway.

After beating the goat thing, you do not have to jump over every fence. You can skip this step if you wish and just jump over the gate that exits the place. You will need to press A continuously to speed up the horse, otherwise the horse will stop when reaching the gate.

Also remember to always save your game. That is the first sign of an expert gamer is when you save your game frequently. You never know when a power outage, angry wife pulls the plug, or angry mother pulls the plug. Once that does happen and you saved it already, it is all good.

So the next day, you have to wake up to some bratty kids. No you do not have your chest yet, so there really is no point in exploring your home. Just exit it the somewhat useless abode. You do not have to climb down the later either. At the start of climbing down it, just press A and you will drop down. Now, this only works for small ladders. If you do it on a longer ladder, you may find yourself taking damage.

You do not have to talk to the kids unless you want to. Just ignore them and continue on your journey to town or whatever you want to call it. Seems kind of small for a town in my opinion.

Calling The Bird

So while in town you could spend all flippin’ day doing exploring, but I am going to cut to the chase. Don’t. Its only purpose would be for collecting money. Please, do this step first. You want to call the bird. You will see a large pedestal or rock with vines with a man standing on it. It right next to a house with a magenta looking roof. At least it looks magenta to me. Could be pink. Well to be technical it is next to another rock that is near that building. On its right side is a pumpkin patch.

Don’t bother targeting the man even if he asks. Just ignore him and climb up. Sure, he may get really mad at you, but all is forgiven. Hurry up and listen to his talk about a cat and move onward with your goal. Now, head over to the grass he was talking about. No worries, your guy will do jumping automatically. After blowing and getting your bird to come to you, aim it toward the beehive at the top of the tree. It will not it down, so you can collect honey later on in the game.

Next jump onto the pink roof of the house right next to you. You will see two other rocks near it. Jump onto the closest one and then make it to the one right after it. There is your next set of grass you can blow to call the bird again. This time around you will use it for aiming at the monkey holding a baby cradle. How cruel of that monkey.

Now take your newly retrieved item to the pregnant lady. She will be located near a bridge that is on the way to the ranch. You do not have to follow her to the house. That would take to long. Just go ahead of her and run to her door. She will magically pop there afterwards. Tada! Fishing rod!

Start Fishing

Explore a bit until you find where the cat is at. I will give a you a hint. Picnic table near a house that has a watermill. You will want to aim your fishing rod toward a group of fish. Wait until a fish comes toward it first before reeling it in. Almost forgot, you will need to assign it first with your up key and then selecting Y or X. After doing that, just hit B to get out of that screen.

Ok, now you are ready to fish. Keep catching fish until you get just the right one that you are able to toss on the ground for the cat to get. Follow the cat to the house that has tiny doorway on the side of it and a pink roof (the one you jumped on top of earlier). There you will get your first bottle as well as the slingshot. This slingshot is very important for moving onto the next stage of the game and eventually existing the town.

I will continue where I left off on the next post. Keep a look out for it. If you need any assistance with what I already explained or have any questions, please leave a comment below or send me a message via email or my google plus. I can also be reached on Facebook.

Your Fellow Zelda Fan


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