Legend of Zelda Link Costume – Perfect for Halloween

Zelda is More Fun In Real Life

So, you played the game for ages and mastered all those cool moves in twilight princess as well as in skyward sword, but that is just not going to be good enough. Look you can boast all you want about that you can press the button combos the fastest way possible, but that will mean nothing once you turn off the game. No, the real fun is being able to put on your zelda game clothes along with your sword and shield while standing next to you is your girlfriend dressed up as Zelda.

I am telling you that it is really lame to go to Halloween or a Comic Con in your average joe street clothes. Imagine it right now. You put on your jeans, get your awesome colored shirt on and unbutton one of the buttons to look cool. You even shine up your shoes. As you look in the mirror, you tell yourself, “I am a ladies’ man. Oh ya!” Then, you hop in your sweet looking car and drive off to the Halloween party or the Comic Con.

People start staring at you in awe.

You think, “Wow! They must really love me!”

Not Having A Costume Can Be Embarrasing

Reality check here. They are not staring because you look suave. If you stop and look around everybody else is wearing a costume and you are the only one that isn’t. You do the math. It all boils down to that you need to get one on quick or at least you will be an embarrassment for the rest of the year (we are hoping less). Oh well, too late now. Guess you will have to feel awkward and ask your friend (if you have one with you), “Can I borrow your costume?”

Ok, so I am going to lay it to you straight. I have been there and done that. I went to parties and special events that need a costume. That is how I know how lame it feels to not wear one.

The reasons I did not wear one was because I was cheap and lazy. I am going to also tell you that I have regrets for not wearing one. It makes one look like a fool. Ya, sure it is good to save money and sometimes it is ok to want to take the easy route, but everybody is going to tell you made your costume yourself or that your jeans and shirt are not really from the Legend of Zelda.

Get A Costume Already

Sorry, but there are times when it is ok to spend on something that looks more realistic and interesting. I am not saying spend your money on a costume every single day. That would be a complete waste of money. Instead, do it every now and then. Halloween parties or even some Comic Cons are only once per year.

So check out this fine selection of costumes I found at Amazon and see what you like or don’t like. If you like it, go and get it so you look awesome at your upcoming event. Shoot I even went the extra mile to get all the parts sold separately for you. No need to spend all day searching.


Zelda Link Adult Costume

Price: $58.99
Description: It comes with a green tunic, belt, hat, arm guards, and boot covers. Unfortunately, the rest of the stuff you see in the picture such as the shield and sword are not in the package. I included those items below.
Buy This Link Costume




THE Legend of Zelda Real Master Sword and Shield Set Costume Link Hylian

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Price: $101.65
Description: Kind of expensive but well worth the price. It comes with a scabbard and a shield mount. These are the real deal. The sword is not made of some cheap foam but of actual metal. Careful when using it around people.
Buy This Sword and Shield Set




Legend of Zelda Link Hylian Hyrule Triforce Foam Shield LARP

Rating: 4 out of 5 stars
Best Price: $17.20
Description: If the above combo is too expensive and you want to get a cheap shield. This would be the right way to go. It is made of foam, but a few years did not like having a shield made of cheaper quality. Sometimes that may be the way to go for those who can not afford stuff of higher quality (shown above). Nothing wrong with that. I put this here for that very reason.
Buy This Hylian Shield



Leather Belt for Zelda Sword

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Best Price: $18.19
Description: Well, you don’t want to go to a party with just a sword in your hand. That will get kind of tiring after awhile. It will be much easier with a belt to hold your sword.
Buy This Leather Belt




Women’s Deluxe Zelda Costume Wig

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars
Price: $38.74
Description: This would go good with a Princess Zelda costume. Just so you know, this does not come with the headpiece as shown in the picture.
Buy This Deluxe Zelda Wig




Yes, I did attempt to look for a Zelda costume on Amazon but I only found one and it was really pricey. If I find a really good one that is not too expensive, I will be sure to let you know. If you wish to point me in the right direction instead, be sure to leave me a comment about it below in my replies section.

I wish you luck and lots of fun with your Halloween parties and comic conventions. Also, make sure you take proper care of your stuff too and possibly keep it out of reach of children. Some kids like to play dress up and tear up the clothing. My daughter and son loved doing that sort of stuff.

Your Fellow Zelda Fan


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